Worship and Fellowship at Painswick Church

To get the whole rich experience of worship, you need to have the related music and fellowship.  Join the mature crowd at the Terraces, 92 Dean Ave. for an inspiring message from Rev. Rosemary and some meaningful fellowship over ‘snacks’ following the service at 9:45 am Sundays.

Right: Rev. Rosemary Von Keitz will lead worship at the Terraces through the fall and winter.

Services take place at 9:45 a.m. and are held in the dining room at 92 Dean Avenue, Barrie.

Because of Covid-19, services at Painswick United have been cancelled.  We do submit a weekly printed "Worship Letter" to the known congregation.  We hope that those looking for a comforting and prayful place to worship will join us when we can once again gather in the Terraces dining room.

Special Music by the talented Kinsey Family

Janet on Sunday Jan 12 2020

after the Saturday night storm.