Love is a difficult concept to grasp, although I believe that everyone tries;

Many people find that the heart often sees what is invisible to their eyes’

That love is a therapy for unstable relationships should not come as a surprise.

But love is more than words of endearment meant to sweep someone off their feet;

It may be the emotional outreach from some stranger that we meet,

Or it could be the cushion that softens the blows dealt by the rascal known as defeat.

Just like the wind, love can’t be seen, but it’s something that you can feel.

Love is like a therapy to the lonely and isolated; it brings healing results that are real.

But although love obtains its power by being given away, it’s not something you can


Those that have found the key to happiness and love often signal it with generous smile

Which may not set the ferris wheel in motion, but It certainly makes the ride worth while.

Love is the emotion that provides the stamina to go the extra mile.

Love applies its bonds to relationships and makes those encounters a lot more fun,

And the bonds of friendship are strengthened when truth and love are seen as one.

It may be just the glue that’s needed by couples that live life on the run.

Love is sometimes endless forgiveness that powers a desire to comfort and to share;

Those empowered by their love can make a difference, any time and anywhere.

Love is like a fuel that energizes the actions of folks that want to show they care.

Although it is often associated with happiness, it can be set in motion by sorrow.

Those friends that gather round you can provide a strength that you can borrow,

And provide courage to face the darker hours or provide a light to search out abetter tomorrow.

For those that would like to learn more about this intangible force that is mightier than the sword;

Surround yourself with Christian models and reference the Bible for God’s word.

George Allen

... be completely humble and gentle, be patient, bearing with one another in love - Ephesians 4: 2